Ms. Tithi Bhatt was born on 17th June 1997, in the family of educationists. Her parents Archit Bhatt and Jyoti Bhatt are the Onus for the values she imparts to the society today. She was born in an environment of schooling and its system, which gave her different strata of educational experiences all her life. Graduated from Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore in Product Design, she is a young designer with a vision who is constantly striving to bring the change in society through her designing work.

As a Designer I strongly believe in three things- “You think randomly, You create sensibly, You design responsibly”. She works in four major design sector- Product design, Jewellery Design, Packaging and Photography. She is young designer who never ceases to grow and inspire others, being humble and respect for diversity runs in the values.

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Designing a new product goes through an analytical process and relies on a problem-solving approach to improve the quality of life of the end user and his or her interaction with the environment.
Jewellery design is the art or profession of designing and creating jewellery. The simple beadwork of ancient times to the sophisticated metalworking and gem cutting known in the modern day.
Simply defined, package design is the discipline of creating the container, graphics and visible outer presence of a product a consumer buys at retail or might receive in the mail.
It is the art or practice of taking and processing photographs.

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It is about problem-solving, about visualising the needs of the user and bringing a solution. I incorporate heritage and modern style into my designs along with material exploration. Being a designer it is very necessary to design according to the consumer trend and thus most of my designs have the essence of trend.


Its significance in an Indian woman’s life can be judged from the number of jewelry gifts she receives on a variety of auspicious occasions in her life and how even the poorest of women possess some kinds of jewelry they can afford. Indian women’s decorating themselves with jewelry is not only a customary tradition, but also has a lot of values attached to each and every jewelry piece worn by the women. And I aim to continue with Indian cultural designs with my jewellery.


Packaging functions differently for different products. Each product has a specific kind of packaging, and on some high end products that might just be as simple as a price tag. Whether a box, a bottle, paper or plastic, packaging acts as a convenient way of stocking a product over time, allowing for easy handling and transportation of the item, and exhibiting or advertising the product inside. It needs to be eye-catching in isolation as well as comfortable and attractive when displayed in bulk. Product packaging design fulfils many roles in the sales process, from simply capturing the interest of a customer to fully conveying the key brand attributes.


Capturing photographs is my hobby which I have turned it into one of my working profession. Photographs convey a storyline and it is difficult to capture one. I majorly focus on the heritage and architectural photography along with portrait photoshoots. More >>


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