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K'LICK is an exhibition where u can see the unseen features of Ahmedabad(karnavati). It starts with our lovely guest Vivek Desai a well known photographer inaugurating the exhibition, July 15-17th 2016 at Kanoria Centre of Arts, 5:00 pm onwards.

This engulfs the culture of Ahmedabad in frames and has been capturing the colours of Amdavadi life. The history of Ahmedabad also known as Karnavati. The ruler of Anhilwara (modern day Patan) Solanki King Karandev I, named Ashapalli to Karnavati, post his victory over Bhil King Ashapall or Ashaval. Solanki rule lasted until the 13th century, when Gujarat came under the control of the Vaghela dynasty of Dwarka.

1411: Sultan Ahmed Shah renamed Karnavati as Ahmedabad and established it as his capital.

Karnavati is believed to be the previous name and we as a culture or society have always tried to reinstate our history, but calling Ahmedabad by its name is equally glorious. When the name was given after Ahmed Shah, the Mughal ruler, it was a tradition to name the city after its ruler. Both names are equally dear to me.

And Attached below are some exhibition photos to be uploaded in the photography page.


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